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Business e-Zone centres are SMME (small business) support hubs with a focus on providing professional and cost effective business services to small business owners, start ups and micro entrepreneurs. Our Hubs identify and develop local professionals in support of entrepreneurship and community development, create jobs, and also provide a wide variety of professional business and administrative services to the general public. Business e-Zone SMME Hubs also serve as micro-incubators and support centres for community entrepreneurs and often host internet cafes in areas where access to technology is limited. When you support an e-Zone, you support local development and entrepreneurship and help us make positive, long term impact across the country.


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How it works

Our Business e-Zone Hubs are not available to purchase commercially. They can only be established through Enterprise Development, Socio-economic Development or Corporate Social Investment programmes. This is part of our long term vision to develop local suppliers and bring much needed small business support to under resourced communities.


Is your company interested in launching a Business e-Zone and / or Tech-Zone as part of your ED, SeD or CSI programmes? Contact our National Business e-Zone Manager, Denise Dookoo to discuss opportunities in your area. 

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Business Support


Business Registrations, Tax Clearances, BEE Affidavits, CSD Registrations, Business Bookkeeping, Payroll Services,

Tax Clearances.

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Business Branding & Marketing

Logo design. Web design & Domain registration, Banners, Signage, Flyers, Business Cards, Company stationery and Posters.

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Office Administration Support

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Typing, Scanning, Laminating, Photocopying, Printing, Email facility

Additional Services

Hub owners can pursue their own additional services and products to add value to their specific Hub. Each area will differ in their offering to cater for specific community needs and identified gaps.

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Each Business e-Zone Hub is owned and managed independently. To find out more about their specific services, events, special offers or subscribe to their newsletters, please click the icons below to a Business e-Zone near you.


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