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Our Purpose

SMME Support Hubs are managed and developed to create capacity in under-resourced communities, by empowering and upskilling local community members, to provide business support services to survivalist, informal trading & micro entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

The Structure

Once the feasibility of a hub is established, entrepreneurs from the local community are recruited and enter a 3 year incubation period. During this period they are trained and mentored by current Business e-Zone owners as well as the Business e-Zone NPC staff.

The ultimate outcome after the three years, is that the selected entrepreneurs have a compliant, registered Pty Ltd company with a majority black and local shareholding. They are equipped to continue serving entrepreneurs and businesses toward best community ideals.

What the Business e-Zone NPC offers

Investors will satisfy requirements related to BEE , local content, supplier development and enterprise development.

During the three year incubation period,
trainees will have access to:

Branding to match all the Business e-Zones Website and email setup, National switchboard system (0861 111 950) to help channel and filter calls (internal calls and calls to other Business e-Zone Hubs are free), Tech support for all computers, including tech-zone and internet cafe computers (as applicable), Intellimali cards - setup and network. Business mentoring and support from the Business e-Zone NPC and other Business e-Zone SMME Hub owners.

Post Incubation, the new Business e-Zone
SMME Hub owners will exit with:

A fully compliant and registered business in their own name(s) and a sustainable and recognised business in the local community they serve. The choice to remain as part of the Business e-Zone SMME Hub network, or to disconnect.

Should the SMME Hub owners wish to remain connected with services offered by the Business e-Zone NPC, post incubation, the following services will be available to them, on a month to month agreement:


Supporting all computers @R100 per computer per month. Remain connected to the national switchboard, with support @R10 per handset per month.

Receive Business Mentoring, advice and support @R150 per hour.

Vodacom and Intellimali systems cannot be transferred, but will be supported free of charge as it is part of a network agreement between the Business e-Zone NPC and these two organisations.  

Website and social media design & maintenance, and email hosting will be for the e-Zone SMME Hub's own account. Support @R150 per hour.

Should the SMME Hub owners wish to disconnect from the Business e-Zone NPC network, post-incubation, all services, except Intellimali will be transferred for their own account and ongoing management.

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